Team Exports

League File updated(Server Time):

March 24 2019 6:40pm

Atlanta: Mar 21 3:31pm
Boston: Mar 21 8:22pm
Chicago Cubs: Mar 23 7:43pm
Detroit: Mar 21 4:14pm
Houston: Mar 18 1:04am
LA Angels: Mar 24 8:32am
LA Dodgers: Mar 24 10:11pm
Miami: Mar 21 8:23pm
NY Mets: Mar 24 9:44am
NY Yankees: Mar 21 7:12pm
Oakland: Mar 21 12:55pm
Philadelphia: Mar 21 8:23pm
San Diego: Mar 23 9:39am
San Francisco: Mar 09 9:19am
Seattle: Mar 21 3:10pm
St. Louis: Mar 24 9:05pm
Toronto: Mar 22 7:49pm
Washington: Mar 20 5:57pm


Whalehead League Baseball Export Tracker


Export Tracker

Welcome to the WLB League Export Tracker. At the top left, you will see the date and time that the latest league file was uploaded. Please make sure that after exporting, your team shows in bold, indicating an updated export. Old exports will not show as bold. If you have never exported, "No Export" will be noted next to your team. Thank you..