Team Exports

League File updated(Server Time):

July 18,2019 2:56pm

ATL; Jul17 9:33am
BOS; Jul12 11:09am
CHC; May31 1:15pm
DET; Jun20 2:50pm
HOU; Jul09 8:08pm
LAA; May10 10:57am
LAD; Jul18 8:43pm
MIA; May18 6:45am
NYM; Jul18 5:07pm
NYY; Jun19 4:25pm
OAK; Jul17 6:07am
PHI; May07 7:43am
SD; Jul17 5:21pm
SF; Jul18 9:30am
SEA; Jul18 4:00pm
STL; Jul18 9:31pm
TOR; Jul12 8:31pm
WSN; Jun20 11:10am


Whalehead League Baseball Export Tracker


Export Tracker

Welcome to the WLB League Export Tracker. At the top left, you will see the date and time that the latest league file was uploaded. Please make sure that after exporting, your team shows in bold, indicating an updated export. Old exports will not show as bold. If you have never exported, "No Export" will be noted next to your team. Thank you..