Date Transaction
19-Jan Phillies release Bobby Howry and place Orber Moreno on irrevocable waiver for the purposes of putting him in the Farm
19-Jan Chicago adds Xavier Nady to the 40 man
18-Jan Florida adds Ryan Madsen, Akinori Otsuka and Jason Michaels to their 40man
18-Jan Phillies, desperately trying to counter Costanza, trades Joe Borchard, 10 points and their #2,#3 and #6 picks to Pittsburgh for Todd Hollandsworth
18-Jan In a three way deal, New York gets Melvin Mora and Mark EyeChart from Boston, Chicago gets Scott Kazmir, Grady Sizemore and Andy Marte and
Boston gets Ruby Durazo, Barry Larkin 20 points and NY's #1 pick. 
17-Jan Baltimore places Daniel Cabrera on revocable waivers to move him off the 40 man
17-Jan Arizona places Brady Clark on irrevocable waivers to move him off the 40 man and adds Aaron Miles to the 40 man.
17-Jan Boston adds Luis Gonzalez to the 25 and options Julio Lugo
17-Jan Baltimore adds David DeJesus, Ray King and Ben Broussard to their 40 man
17-Jan Pirates add Yhency Brazoban, Chad Trady and Brandon Inge to their 40 man
17-Jan Pittsburgh trades Luis Gonzalez and 4 points to Boston for Alexis Rios
17-Jan Phillies trade Jim Mecir to the Cubs for Orber Moreno and John Mabry
16-Jan The Yankees, ever striving to be like the model franchise Orioles, trade Troy Glaus, JJ Hardy, Jason Marquis and their soul to Pittsburgh for Derek Jeter
14-Jan BOX GUY(1):Chicago selects Orber Moreno 
14-Jan Chicago trades Craig Monroe to Pittsburgh for Travis Harper and 6 points
13-Jan LA trades Shannon Stewart and 2 points to Chicago for Randy Winn
13-Jan New York swallows it's pride and trades it's #2 and #3 picks in 2006 and 12 points to Baltimore for Jay Payton
11-Jan BOX GUY(1): Baltimore selects Eric Young from the box
11-Jan Baltimore trades the Handsome Lad from Kalamazoo, Marcus Thames, Charles Thomas and 18 points to the Pirates for Jack Wilson
11-Jan BOX GUY(1): Phillies select Scott Hatteberg 
11-Jan   Phillies release Amaury Telemauco
9-Jan BOX GUYS: SF(3): Tony Clark, Fernando Vina and Brian Shouse
9-Jan BOX GUYS: Chicago(2): Antonio Alfonseca and Mike Stanton
9-Jan BOX GUYS: Philly (5):Javier Valentin, Scott Atchinson, Amaury Telemauco, Edgar Martinez, and Booby Howry
9-Jan SF trades Jeff Kent to Philly for Miguel Cairo, Jose Molina, Dan Kolb, Russ Ortiz and 4 points
9-Jan NY trades Old Boston's 1-5, Baltimore's #1 and it's own 5-15 picks to SD for 4 points
9-Jan Pittsburgh trades it's #4 pick to Baltimore for Scot Shields
9-Jan NY deals Billy Wagner, AJ Burnett, Carl Crawford and 41 points to Seattle for Jason Schmidt and Trevor Hoffman
9-Jan SD trades 2 points and Carlos Delgado to Chicago for it's 5th pick
9-Jan Chicago claims Lance Carter
9-Jan SD waives Eric Young
9-Jan Arizona waives trade package David Bell, Jose Mesa, David Eckstein and Lance Carter
9-Jan LA selects Luis Rivas from Philly in the Rule V draft
6-Jan Pirates trade Jason Bay to Arizona for 47 points and PHI #2 and #5
5-Jan Padres trade Pedro Feliz to Cubs for #10 pick
2-Jan Cubs trade 11 points to Arizona for Ruby Durazo.
15-Dec The D'backs swindle the Padre again by stealing Julio Franco for the Giants #3 and Philly #3 and #4 picks.
13-Dec The Cubs, obviously in disarray, now will make a go of it in 2005 by trading their #1 pick to Pittsburgh for Garret Anderson.
11-Dec The Cubs pack it in for 2005 by sending Billy Wagner, Juan Rincon, Cliff Floyd and Alex Gonzalez to NY for Lance Nyx, Edgar Renteria and Chad Cordero
1-Dec Baltimore trades 25 points to Philly for BJ Upton
30-Nov Arizona buys the remainder of SF's minor league draft for 10 points
30-Nov Arizona trades favorite son Rocco Baldelli and Vinny Castilla to Seattle for Joe Nathan. Mariners adopt Baldelli and change his name to Toby.
30-Nov LA trades Eddie Guardardo to Philly for Jarrod Washburn.
29-Nov Arizona trades Travis Hafner and Carlos Delgado to SD for Hank Blalock, Marquis Grissom and 25 points.
21-Nov The World Champions announced they were moving to Boston and traded the Arizona ballpark and name, Carlos Delgado and Luis Ayala
to KC for KC#1, SF #1 and Florida's #1. The Royals then moved to Arizona.
21-Nov The Cubs traded P Javier Vazquez to the Giants in exchange for P Victor Zambrano, Cliff Floyd and Hee Choi.
21-Nov In a three-way deal, the Pirates traded OF Milton Bradley and OF Corey Patterson to SF, SF dealt Jose Guillen to Philly and 
the Phillies traded P Cliff Lee to the Giants and their 7-9 picks and old Boston's 7 and 8 picks along with Gil Meche to Pittsburgh
PHI-Jim Edmonds;KC-Jason Kendall; NY-Mike Lowell; SEA-Al Leiter; SF-Manny Ramirez; LA-Jim Thome; FLA-Nomar Garciaparra; PIT-Jose Vidro
SD-Scott Wiliamson;CHI-Steve Kline;Phi-Brad Ausmus;KC-Lance Carter
2-Nov The Orioles deal John Smoltz to KC for 25 points and Phillies #1 pick.
20-Oct New York trades 16 points to Chicago for Mike Lieberthal.
17-Oct Baltimore trades Barry Larkin to the Yankees for JT Snow.
5-Oct Pedro announces that The Oreo is his Daddy.
4-Oct New York trades Edwin Jackson, Andruw Jones, Stephen Drew and 20 points to the Padres for Pedro Martinez.
30-Sep Chicago sends Frankie Rodriguez and Dan Kolb to Philly for Victor Martinez then beats off in glee.
30-Sep Philadelphia trades Brandon Inge, Jason Bay, Mike Sweeney, Mark Buerhle, Brian Schneider, Shawn Green and Corey Patterson to Pittsburgh
 for Ivan Rodrigez, Gary Sheffield, and Shig Hasegawa
28-Sep Chicago trades Jacque Jones to Pittsburgh for Mike Mussina, Frank Rodrigez and 35 points
28-Sep Baltimore trades Milton Bradley, Jesse Crain and Jeff Weaver to Pittsburch for Ted Lilly
27-Sep Da Pirate deal Orland Hudson to Chicago for Garret Atkins. Immediately stops eating carbs.
24-Sep Baltimore trades Latroy Hawkins and 5 points to KC for the Royals 3rd and 4th picks
22-Sep Baltimore trades Bobby Crosby, Brandon Webb and Zach Greinke to Chicago for Alex Rodriguez and 20 points