Date Transactions
26-Aug-07 Prior to game 1 (Gm 93) activate 3b Mark Teahen from DL and option him to AAA. Prior to game 2 (Gm 94) place RP Fernando Rodney of 15 day DL, recall RP Jesse Crain. Prior to game 3 (Gm 95) place RP Brandon League of 8-Day DL, recall RP Josh Hancock.
1-Sep-07 R. Vilone is given his outright realease. G. Laird and S. Spezio off DL and G. Zaun  and D. Mientkiewitcz opt. D. Uggla and R. Ramirez opt to make room for recent trades ( this brings me back to 25 on my 25 man roster)
26-Aug-07 Release SP Kei Igawa and RP Mazumi Kawata from minors. Release SP Jeff Suppan and C Elizer Alfonzo from 40 man. Place SP Rich Hill, C Kelly Shoppach and 1B Ryan Garko to 40 man.
19-Aug-07 Cubs: B4 Game 87 Wily Mo Pena optioned, P Adam Wainwright optioned as part of the previoius deals. B4 Game 75 Hamels optioned, Harden recalled. B4 Game 84 Harden optioned, Hamels recalled.
19-Aug-07 Following Game 86, (my 85th but I have a makeup to play) Jered Weaver optioned to make room for CC Sabathia. Before Game 90(my 89th), Linebrink optioned and Sampson recalled. Before Game 92(my 91st) Sampson optioned and Proctor recalled.
7-Aug-07 The Giants sign Freddy Garcia out of the box and add him to the 40 man roster.
7-Aug-07 Padres: Game #89: activated Craig Counsell from the DL, optioned Casey Janssen, Game #90: placed Ryan Theriot on the 8 day DL, added Alfredo Amezaga to the 40-man and recalled
2-Aug-07 To fill the 25 man roster, the Reds recall: SP Dave Bush (replaces CC Sabathia), 1B Adrian Gonzalez (replaces Lance Berkman), OF Juan Encanacion (replaces Manny Ramierez).
1-Aug-07 Orioles trade Joel Zumaya to Chicago for "Derrek Kung Fu" Lee and 13 points.
1-Aug-07 Waiver fees: BAL - 18, CIN - 10, CHC - 14, SF - 19, SD - 13 
30-Jul-07 Reds trade OF/1B Lance Berkman & 7 points to Chi for SP Rich Hill, SP Yusmeiro Petit and RP Dustin Nippert.
30-Jul-07 The Reds and Giants made the following trade: Reds get: RP Pedro Feliciano (via trade waiver claim), 3B Edwin Encarnacion, LF Adam Dunn, C Kelly Shoppach, LF Andre Eithier, and Draft picks 3, 4, and 5. Giants get: Manny Ramirez.
28-Jul-07 O's trade Mike Napoli to Cincy for CC Sabathia.
20-Jul-07 Reds: Prior to game 3 (#83) Reds place 3B Mark Teahen on 8 day DL, recall 3B Hank Blalock.
20-Jul-07 SF: Prior to game  82 The Giants activate Omar Vizquel from the 8 day DL and option Jack Wilson to the 40 man roster.
18-Jul-07 SF: Prior to game 71 Fabio Castro optioned to 40 Chris Ray recalled to 25 man. Prior to game 73 Juan Rivera placed on 8 day dl  Casey Blake called up to 25 man. Prior to game 75 Luis Castillo  comes off 8 day dl  Mark Ellis sent down to 40. Prior to game 75  Omar Vizquel placed on 8 day dl. Jack Wilson called up to 25 man.
17-Jul-07 Padres: Game 82 placed Craig Counsell on the 8 day DL, recalled Robb Quinlan. Game 83 optioned Wil Ledezma and Brian Sweeney, recalled Casey Janssen and Mike O'Connor.
16-Jul-07 NYY: Prior to game send down S.Drew and call up Ted Lilly.
16-Jul-07 CIN: Before All-Star break, after game 74, Reds option RP Chad Cordero, SP David Bush and 1B Adrian Gonzales. Recall SP Tom Gorzalleny, RP Brandon League and 2B Josh Barfield.
10-Jul-07 Padres: Game #75: activated Jeff DaVanon from DL, optioned Tommy Murphy.
6-Jul-07 Cubbies option P Cole Hamels right after GM 74 and recall P Rich Harden.
23-Jun-07 P Cliff Lee, OF Wily Tavarez, and OF Juan Pierre are optioned to the 40-Man. OF Gary Mathews Jr., OF Jeff Francouer, and P Trevor Miller are all placed on the 25-Man.
20-Jun-07 Game #71: added Damian Miller to 25-Man from Farm, recalled Pat Neshek, Brian Sweeney, Andy Pettitte, Joaquin Benoit, Ryan Theriot and Boof Bonser due to recent trades.
20-Jun-07 San Diego trades Gary Matthews, Trevor Miller and Jeff Francoeur to Detroit for 28 points.
15-Jun-07 Orioles, clearly in denial, trade Mark Reynolds, Micah Owings and Dustin Pedroia to SD for Mike Mussina, Dave Ross, Takashi Saito and 7 points.
15-Jun-07 San Diego trades Brandon League to Cincinnati for 5 points.
13-Jun-07 Prior to game 70 versus Cubbies the giants place Luis Castillo on the 8 day DL and place newly acquired 2b Ray Durham on the 25 man to replace Castillo.
13-Jun-07 San Diego traded Ray Durham to San Francisco for 12 points.
11-Jun-07 Prior to game 67 of Giants, Randy Johnson optioned to 40-Man, Fabio Castro recalled to 25-Man.
7-Jun-07 Orioles requested trade waivers on 9 players. Dodgers designated 6 players for assignment. Cubs claimed 5, Padres 3.
7-Jun-07 B4 game 65, Champion Cubs optioned P Alan Embree, recalled P Rafael Soriano. After game 68 P Jonathon Broxton suspended for 5 days (last two games vs. Detroit and first three games vs. Giants) for hitting Tigger Pat Burrell with a pitch in game 68. 
11-Jun-07 Marlins release Freddy Garcia, add Jeff Baker to 25 and option Hector Carrasco to 40 man.
6-Jun-07 Game #56: placed Jeff DaVanon on the 8 day DL, recalled Brandon League. Game #60: optioned Boof Bonser and Casey Janssen, added Corey Patterson to the 40-man roster, recalled Marcus Thames and Corey Patterson
31-May-07 Cubs traded C Chris Coste to Red Sox in exchange for 2B Kaz Matsui.
31-May-07 In a three way, the Cubbies traded P Ben Sheets to the Orioles who turned around and traded him to the Padres for 3 points. The Cubbies received 2 points and 2B Jose Valentin from the Padres.
27-May-07 Prior to week 16 game 55 Det options R. Vilone to the 40 man and places G. Meche, T. Gordon, W. Tavarez (acquired in trade with SF), and C. Lee on the 25 man. Det also keeps R. Wolf and C. Capuano on the Farm.
22-May-07 The following teams requested trade waivers for the following numbers of players: Cubs 12, Padres 21, and Giants 5. Team claimed: Cubs 3, BAL 9, Bos 1.
21-May-07 Prior to Game 55, Orioles recall Chris Sampson to replace the traded Bob Howry. Prior to Game 58, recall John Patterson; option Chris Sampson.
20-May-07 Prior to game 55 for both teams, the Giants and Tigers made the following trade: Giants get Juan Rivera and Derek Lowe; Tigers get Gil Meche, Tom Gordon, Chris Capuano, Willy Taveras and Randy Wolf. Lowe and Rivera go to 25 man and Casey Blake is optioned to the 40 man
20-May-07 Prior to game 60, Reds place 3b Mark Teahen on 8 day DL...recall 3b Hank Blalock.
20-May-07 The Marlins reported the following roster moves: Before game 9, Gil Meche waived, Josh Johnson recalled; Before game 29, Dave Roberts put on 8-day DL, Dave Delucci and Pedro Martinez recalled, Otsuka optioned; Before game 36, Roberts activated from DL and Dave Delluci optioned; Before game 43 Roger Clemens and Chris Duncan recalled, Bernie Castro and Alex Escobar optioned; Before game 54, Anibal Sanchez added to 40/25, Carlos Villanueva optioned, Alex Escobar designated for assignment (limitation used up).
16-May-07 Prior to Game 55: Reds get Adrian Gonzalez, Bob Howry, Ian Snell and Ryan Garko; Giants get Billy Wagner. Giants add Wagner to 25-Man Roster, Chris Ray sent down to 40 man. Reds option 2B Josh Barfield, option RP Josh Hancock, and recall RP Chad Cordero.
14-May-07 Prior to game 55: The Giants traded Jim Thome, Adam Wainright, Jay Bay, Josh Willingham and 3 points to the cubs. The Cubs traded Mark Ellis, Joe Nathan, Adam Laroche, Moises Alou, Eric Chavez, and Andre Ethier to the Giants. Giants place Joe Nathan, Laroche, Alou, and Ellis on 25 man Chavez to 40 and Eithier is on Farm prior to game 55, to make room on 25 man roster, the Giants option Marl Lorretta to 40 man (3 options must clear waivers). Prior to game 55 Giants designate Edwin Encarnarcion and Andy Marte for assignment if they clear waivers they will be placed on the farm.
10-May-07 Game #51: optioned Marcus Thames, added Tommy Murphy to 40-man and recalled to 25-man. Game #55: traded Raul Ibanez and JJ Putz to San Francisco for Jeff Francouer, Trot Nixon, Ty Wigginton, JJ Hardy, Mark Buehrle and Jason Isringhausen. Added Nixon and Wigginton to 25-man, Francoeur on 40-man, Hardy, Buehrle and Isringhausen added to the Farm. Game #55: activated Travis Hafner and Craig Counsell from the DL, optioned Ryan Theriot and Pat Neshek. Game #55: added Chan Ho Park and Brent Clevlen to the 40-man.
1-May-07 Before game 1 (game 48) Reds option RP Chad Gaudin, recall RP Jesse Crain. Before game 3 (game 50) Reds option SP David Bush, recall SP Tom Gorzelanny.
30-Apr-07 Prior to game 34: Adam Wainright placed on the 8 day DL Fabio Castro called up to 25 man to take his place
30-Apr-07 O's trade Bob Howry to SF for 4 point and SF #1 in 2008. Prior to game 55, Giants Howry placed on 25 man roster. Jack Wilson optioned to 40 man.
26-Apr-07 Orioles buy out P Mark Prior (26L4Y10, 22 points and $32) 
24-Apr-07 Prior to Game 48 Yadier Molina placed on 8 day DL, Brian Schneider called up to take his place.
23-Apr-07 Padres: Game #45: optioned Joaquin Benoit, recalled Pat Neshek. Game #45: placed Corey Koskie on the 60 day DL (out for the season), recalled Wil Ledezma
19-Apr-07 Game #33: optioned Brent Clevlen, recalled Bary Zito. Game #33: traded 10 points to Baltimore for Jeff DaVanon (not available to play until game 1, week 12). Game #37: placed Travis Hafner on the 8 day DL, recalled Brent Clevlen. Game #37: optioned Casey Janssen, added Ryan Theriot to 40-man and recalled. Game #39: placed Craig Counsell on the 8 day DL, recalled Casey Janssen. Game #41: optioned Brent Clevlen, added DaVanon after trade. Game #45: placed Chan Ho Park and Brent Clevlen on waivers off of the 40-man roster.
17-Apr-07 Cubbies trade P Chien Wang to the Mariners for SS Julio Lugo. Wang to 25-Man, Brandon McCarthy optioned.
16-Apr-07 Prior to game 42, Yanks call up Ted Lilly and send down Duaner Sanchez. Prior to game 43, Lilly sent down and call up Noah Lowry (added to 40-Man). Prior to game 44, place Lowry on 8 day DL and call up Duaner Sanchez.
15-Apr-07 Prior to game 41, option Nick Punto and recall P Scott Downs.
15-Apr-07 Prior to Game 41, Orioles option Jason Frasor and Dave Dejesus and recall Scott Proctor and Luke Scott.
9-Apr-07 B4 Gm42 P Allan Embree optioned. SS Khalil Greene added to 40/25-Man. B4 Gm43 Harden optioned, P Cole Hamels recalled. SS Khalil Greene optioned, OF Delmon Young recalled.
29-Mar-07 The Orioles trade Jeff Davonon to SD for 10 points.
26-Mar-07 B4 game 33, Cubs activate 2B Tad Iguchi from DL and option 2B Mark Ellis.
26-Mar-07 Before Game 40, O's option Chris Sampson and recall Jason Frasor.
26-Mar-07 Prior to game 4, Reds option RP Jessie Crain and recall RP Chad Gaudin.
26-Mar-07 Orioles: after Game 33 Derosa to the 8 day DL and Dave Dejesus recalled. After Game 35, Howry optioned and Joel Zumaya recalled.
23-Mar-07 Prior to Wk10/Gm33: Cubbies added P Francisco Liriano to 40/25-Man Roster and designated SS Felipe Lopez, 3B Eric Chavez, SS Khalil Greene, P Chien-Ming Wang, P Daniel Cabrera, and P Rich Hill for assignment.
22-Mar-07 Before Game 30, option Scott Proctor and recall Bob Howry.
12-Mar-07 The Giants trade Francisco Liriano, Mike Cameron, and Jimmy Rollins to the Cubs. The Cubs trade Jason Bay and Omar Vizquel to the Giants
10-Mar-07 The Reds traded P Dennys Reyes and 22 points to the Cubs in exchange for P Fernando Rodney and the Reds 2007 2nd round draft pick. Option RP Chad Cordero, recall RP Matt Thornton.
10-Mar-07 Gil  Meche added to 25-Man. Fabio Castro optioned to the 40-Man. Todd Walker designated for assignment for farm. Jaime Walker assigned to Farm after clearing waivers.
9-Mar-07 P Gil Meche is awarded to the Giants. P Andy Pettitte has cleared waivers and is optionally assigned off the 25-Man. P Jamie Walker has cleared 40-Man waivers and must either be released or added to the Farm.
7-Mar-07 The Cubbies traded 2B Robinson Cano, P Todd Jones, and P Mike Wuertz to the Mariners for P Joe Nathan and 2B Tad Iguchi.
5-Mar-07 Game #25: optioned Andy Pettitte and Gil Meche, recalled Joaquin Benoit and Casey Janssen.
4-Mar-07 Prior to Game20, Orioles option Bob Howry and recall Chris Sampson. O's option Joel Zumaya and recall Scott Linebrink prior to game 24. 
3-Mar-07 Prior to game 23, option RP Chad Gaudin, recall RP Josh Hankcok. Prior to game 25, place 2B Brian Roberts on 15 day DL, recall 3B Hank Blalock.
3-Mar-07 The Cubbies traded DH Frank Thomas and 4 points to the Giants for OF Nick Swisher. Swisher is added to the 40/25-Man Roster. Thomas is put on the Giants 25-Man. Josh Willingham is optioned and Jaime Walker RP is designated for assignment.
18-Feb-07 Prior to Week 6 Game 1, Yankees place Rafael Betancourt on 15 day DL and call up Aaron Heilman.
18-Feb-07 Cubs option P Todd Jones and recall P Rafael Soriano (WK6/GM4).
18-Feb-07 Game 19: optioned Will Ledezma, recall Carlos Zambrano.
12-Feb-07 After game 14, Orioles optioned P Scott Linebrink and recalled C Mike Piazza.
11-Feb-07 Cubbies: Cubs option P Rafael Soriano and recall DH Frank Thomas (WK4/GM1/off day). Option P Cole Hamels and recall P Rich Harden (WK5/GM4). Bought two sodas.
11-Feb-07 Yankees: Prior to game 16 place Vance Wilson on 8 day DL and call up Jeff Mathis. Prior to game 18 activate Josh Bard from DL and send down Jeff Mathis.
8-Feb-07 Reds are awarded Meche and Hudson. Meche is then traded to the Padres for one point. Daryll Ward clears waivers and is assigned to the Cubs Farm.
7-Feb-07 Marlins designate P Gil Meche, and P Luke Hudson for assignment. Cubs designate 1B Daryll Ward.
6-Feb-07 Mariners (Wk 3 Gm 2) Vernon Wells activated from the DL. Ken Griffey Jr sent to the 40 man.
4-Feb-07 Prior to Wk4/Gm13, the Cubbies recall 2B Mark Ellis.
4-Feb-07 The Marlins sign IF Bernie Castro and C Matt Treanor adding Bernie Castro to the 25-Man replacing Luis Castillo.
3-Feb-07 Game #9: Optioned Barry Zito and Carlos Zambrano, recalled Boof Bosner and Will Ledezma.
2-Feb-07 The Giants trade Pedro Martinez and 10 points to the Marlins for Luis Castillo. Castillo to 25 man Biggio optioned to 40 man
2-Feb-07 Placed Spezio on 8 day DL, and called up Nook Logan (Wk1/G3) . Placed Gerald Laird  on 8 day DL, and called up the most recent addition to Detroit G. Zaun (WK2/G6). Detroit wishes to pick up Doug Mientkiewicz prior to week 3
29-Jan-07 Yankees also prior to Game 10 place Josh Bard on 8 day DL and call up Vance Wilson.
28-Jan-07 The Cubs option P Rich Harden and recall P Rich Hill (WK3, GM1).
28-Jan-07 Prior to game 1 of week 3 (game 9 of schedule), Cincy options 3B Hank Blalock and recalls SP Matt Morris.
28-Jan-07 Wk 1 Gm 3: Vernon Wells placed on 8 day DL. (Eligible to come off DL Wk 3 Gm 2 against BAL.) Called up Hideki Matsui.
26-Jan-07 Orioles deal 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff to Cincy for their 2008 first round pick.
26-Jan-07 The Cubbies traded OF Matt Kemp to the Reds for one point and the Reds 2008 #2 draft pick. Jake Westbrook assigned to the Farm Roster. (WK3/GM1)
23-Jan-07 Prior to the start of week 2, Seattle trades Pat Burrell to Detroit for Paul Lo Duca (Lo Duca to the 25 man). Seattle options Brian Schneider to the 40 man and promotes Ken Griffey Jr. to the 25 man.
21-Jan-07 The Cubs designated OF Matt Kemp and P Jake Westbrook for assignment, added P Cole Hamels to the 40/25-Man, optioned 2B Mark Ellis off 25-Man, and signed free agent OF Darryl Ward to the 40/25-Man Roster. 
19-Jan-07 To clear space on the 40 man roster, Baltimore designates 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff for assignment (WK1-GM4).
18-Jan-07 After the game 4 (wk1), Baltimore trades Gregg Zaun to Detroit for 2 points, adds Darren Oliver and Mike Matheny to the 25 man and options Mike Redmond and Mike Piazza.
17-Jan-07 Cubbies added P Jake Westbrook to 25-Man. The Cubbies also optioned DH Frank Thomas and recalled OF Wily Mo Pena (WK1-GM1).
14-Jan-07 The Cubbies traded OF Mike Cameron to the Giants in exchange for 3 points and the Giants 2007 #2 draft pick.
11-Jan-07 San Francisco picks up Craig Biggio and Casey Blake from the box and adds them to the 40-Man/25-Man. OF Jeff Francouer optioned.
10-Jan-07 The Cubbies purchased P Jeremy Bonderman from the Red Sox for 44 points.
9-Jan-07 The Cubbies traded super-sub Chone Figgins to the Mariners in exchange for the Mariners 2007 #1 draft pick.
8-Jan-07 In a day sure to be remembered as the "Day of the Adams", the Cubbies traded OF Luke Scott and 15 points to the Orioles in exchange for OF ADAM Lind and 1B ADAM LaRoche.
8-Jan-07 The Cubbies finally acquired the much discussed P Chien-Ming Wang from the Yankees. In addition the Cubbies received P Rafael Soriano in exchange for P Scot Shields and eight points.
7-Jan-07 Box Draft: Cubbies-Eric Hinske, Reds-Robb Quinlan
7-Jan-07 Draft Trades: Cubs traded OF Scott Spiezio and 10 points to Tigers for OF Ryan Freel. Giants purchase OF Geoff Jenkins from Tigers for 10 points.
7-Jan-07 Draft Waivers. Cleared and kept: SF-Adam Dunn; CHC-Derek Lee; BOS-Marcus Giles. Cleared and released: FLA-Tomo Ohka, Horacio Ramirez, Jack Wilson; DET-Wily Taveras, Tony Graffanino, Johny Gomes.
5-Jan-07 The Champion Cubbies traded one former shortstop, Edgar Renteria, to the Tiggers in exchange for SS Omar Vizquel and 15 points.
31-Dec-06 To celebrate the New Year, the Cubbies returned P John Maine to his original franchise, San Diego, in exchange for 10 points and the Padres 2007 1st Round Draft Pick.
29-Dec-06 The Padres sold C Mike Piazza to the Orioles for two points.
21-Dec-06 The Reds purchased 3B Mark Teahan from the Cubbies for 13 points.
20-Dec-06 The Champion made his first three way of the off-season. If the Yankees didn't experience a brain aneurysm during negotiations it would have been a four-way deal. The Cubbies traded OF Carl Crawford and OF Geoff Jenkins to the Tigers. The Tigers sent OF Ichiro Suzuki to the Giants, and OF Ryan Church and OF Gabe Gross to the Cubs. The Giants traded IF Chone Figgins, 3B Mark Teahan, and their 2006 1st Round Draft pick to the Cubs. 
18-Dec-06 The Orioles traded their 2006 4th round pick and 6 points to NY for P Tom Glavine.
18-Dec-06 The Orioles traded C Jason Kendall to SD for 10 points.
5-Dec-06 Detroit trades Pedro Martinez to San Francisco for outfielders Ryan Church and Juan Rivera.
1-Dec-06 Buyouts: Bal - Eric Chavez, FLA - Matt Clement, SD - Roger Clemens and Jason Isringhausen, SF - Ugueth Urbina, CIN - Mark Mulder and Jarrod Washburn, CHC - John Patterson, Juan Pierre
27-Nov-06 The Orioles trade JD Drew and 5 points to Boston for Bronson Arroyo and Carlos Quentin.
20-Nov-06 The Cubbies and Giants pulled off a deal after much negotiation. OF Delmon Young and SS Edgar Renteria are now Cubbies; World Series closer B.J. Ryan is now a Giant.
12-Nov-06 Cubs trade Josh Beckett and Dontrelle Willis to Seattle for Carl Crawford
12-Nov-06 Seattle deals Pedro Martinez to Det for their dispersal pick (via Chicago)
12-Nov-06 SF trades it's 5th pick to Baltimore for the O's dispersal pick
12-Nov-06 Baltimore trades Chad Tracy to NY for picks 2,4 and 6 in the 2007 draft
12-Nov-06 Baltimore trades Placido Polanco to Detroit for 10 points, 3rd and 4th 2007 picks and it's 1st and 2nd 2008 picks
12-Nov-06 Padres trade Bobby Abreu to the Giants for Orlando Cabrera
12-Nov-06 Boston trades Adam LaRoche and Eric Chavez to Baltimore for 25 points
12-Nov-06 SF trades Scott Rolen to Boston for 30 points
12-Nov-06 The Yankees trade Adam Dunn to SF for Brandon Inge
12-Nov-06 The Giants trade Ryan Zimmerman to Detroit for Chone Figgins
7-Nov-06 Cubs trade Aubrey Huff, Scott Olsen and their disperal pick to Detroit for the Tigers pick
7-Nov-06 Reds trade 15 points and picks #5 and #10 to SD for SD dispersal pick
22-Oct-06 Dodgers announce they are moving to Cincinatti
22-Oct-06 Phillies announce they are moiving to SF
22-Oct-06 Giants announce they are moving to Detroit