30-Apr Prior to Game 58, SF options Aaron Rowand and David Riske to clear space for all his new players.
30-Apr SF trades Russel Branyon, Milton Bradley, Cole Hamels and 5 points to Chicago for Ryan Freel
30-Apr Before Game 53, Boston added to the 25:Alexis Rios, Reggie Sanders, Mark Sweeny and from the Farm to 25, Zach Duke and Xavier Nady
30-Apr NY option Mark Kotsay and recalls Curtis Granderson prior to Game 63
28-Apr Padres claimed Jeff Cirillo
25-Apr LA options Junior Spivey to clear way for Jesse Crain before Game 43
25-Apr To complete the purge, Boston deals Ichiro!, Roy Halladay, Jose Guillen and Kevin Farnsworth to SF for 45 points, SF's 1st and 2nd 2007 picks,
Alexis Rios, Justin Morneau and Bronson Arroyo
25-Apr Before Week 15, Boston trades Jim Edmonds to Baltimore for Brian McCann and Ryan Langerhans
23-Apr Baltimore recalls Vlad Guerrero from the DL and options Jose Reyes before Game 55
19-Apr The Cubs continue to tinker with a first place club and trade Jesse Crain to LA for Daniel Cabrera and Frank Catalanotto after Week 13.
19-Apr Before Game 41, LA places Juan Encarnacion on the 8 day DL and recalls Austin Kearns
19-Apr Before Game 51 Baltimore options Felix Hernandez and recalls Jose Reyes
19-Apr Before Game 50, Baltimore recalls no-hit whiz kid Felix Hernandez and options Eddy Garabito
16-Apr BOX GUY: Chicago(8): Marlon Anderson
15-Apr Before Game 47, Chicago options Jeff Cirillo, Adam Melhuse and Jesse Crain, recalls Rod Barajas and Eric Bruntlett from Farm and Frank Thomas
13-Apr Phillies deal Frank Thomas to Chicago for 1 point.
10-Apr Before Game 44, SD options So Taguchi and recalls Shawn Chacon
10-Apr SD options Kyle Snyder and Juan Rincon before Game 43; recalls Juan Padilla and Mike Redmond
9-Apr Chicago options Carlos Pena before Game 44 and recalls Jesse Crain
6-Apr BOX GUY: Chicago(7) Adam Melhuse and John Rodriguez; Melhuse added to 25 man.
6-Apr Before Game 41 Chicago optioned Ben Sheets and recalled Carlos Pena
6-Apr Yankees option Willie Aybar and Kevin Mench as a result of the Lee trade
6-Apr Cubs break up a first place club and deal Todd Helton, Adam Dunn, Chase Utley and Chien Wang to NY for Derrek Lee and John Patterson
4-Apr Prior to Game 34, LA activates Michael Barret from DL and options Austin Kearns
2-Apr NY options Sean Casey and recalls Kevin Mench (during Week9)
2-Apr Prior to Game 47 Ny recalls Matt Cain and options Bobby Jenks
2-Apr Prior to Game 47, Baltimore places JD Drew on the 30 day DL, Vlad Guerrero again on the 8 day DL and options Arthur Rhodes; recalls
Brian Shackleford, Mark DaRosa and Antonio Perez
26-Mar Before Game 33 SD options Endy Chavez and recalls Rob Mackowiak
19-Mar Prior to Game 46 NY options Tom Glavine and recalls Scott Kazmir
19-Mar Prior to Game 43, NY recalls Willie Aybar and options Hector Luna
19-Mar Before Game 38, Baltimore options Brian Shackleford and recalls Felix Hernandez
19-Mar Before Game 35, Baltimore options Antonio Perez and recalls Eddy Garabito
14-Mar Before Game 25, LA places Michael Barret on the DL;recalls Austin Kearns
14-Mar BOX GUY: Baltimore(3) Eddy Garabito
12-Mar BOX GUY:Chicago(5) Wes Helms
11-Mar Before Game 32, NY puts John Patterson on the DL and recalls Bobby Jenks
11-Mar Cubs option Jesse Crain recall Jeff Cirillo before Game 33
11-Mar Prior to Game 30, Seattle options JC Romero and recalls Jorge Sosa
10-Mar Prior to Game 25, SD adds Lieber to the 25 man, options Joaquin Benoit and Juan Padilla and recalls Juan Rincon
10-Mar SD, NY and Philly all claim Jon Lieber; Lieber awarded to SD
6-Mar Before Game 42, SF options Laird and recalls Aaron Rowand
6-Mar SF calls up Gerald Laird and options Aaron Rowand before Game 33
6-Mar SF, prior to Game 21, activates Milton Bradley from the DL and options Chris Duffy
5-Mar Boston options Jon Lieber, recalls Greg Maddux
5-Mar SD, prior to Game 19, options Shawn Chacon and recalls Joaquin Benoit
5-Mar SF trades 35 points to Florida for Brian Giles;options Luis Matos
1-Mar Phillies place Scott Podsednik to the 15 day DL and recall Brandon Webb before Game 26
26-Feb Before Game 23, Baltimore places Vlad Guerrero on the DL, recalls Jose Reyes
26-Feb Baltimore places Antonio Perz on the DL before Game 22, recalls Mark DaRosa
26-Feb SD options Juan rincon and recalls Shawn Chacon before Game 13
20-Feb Prior to Game 21 Philliy waives Miguel Batista and Randy Flores. Adds John Foster to 25 man
19-Feb Phillies option Frank Thomas to make room for Javy Lopez before Game 17
19-Feb Baltimore activates Gregg Zaun from the DL and options Alberto Castillo
10-Feb Baltimore recalls Alberto Castillo to replace the traded Javy Lopez.
10-Feb Baltimore trades Javy Lopez to Philly for a 2007 3rd round pick
8-Feb Before Game 10, NY options Danny Ardoin and recalls Rene Rivera. Rest of League says "WHO?"
8-Feb Cubs trade John Foster to Phillies for Eric Bruntlett
8-Feb After Game 8, Cubs put their Sheet down a begin to play with his Wang
30-Jan Phillies claim and are awarded Javy Vazquez
30-Jan Prior to Game 9. Philly options Brandon Inge and adds Todd Wlker to 25 man.
30-Jan Prior to Game 9, Boston options Greg Maddux and adds Jon Lieber to 25 man
28-Jan Before Game 6, SD options Joaquin Benoit and recalls Juan Padilla
24-Jan Before Game 9, Seattle places John Smoltz on the 8 day DL and recalls Jamie Moyer
24-Jan Prior to Game 9 SF adds Luis Matos and Jonny Gomes to 25 man(Philly trade); options Gavin Floyd to the Farm
24-Jan Prior to Game 5 SF options Javy Vazquez, Ugueth Urbina and Carlos Lee; recalls Orlando Hudson, Russel Branyon, Lance Niekro and Mike Gonzalez
also places Milton Bradley on the 15 day DL prior to Game 7; recalls Chris Duffy
22-Jan Before Game 5, Baltimore places Gregg Zaun on the 15 day DL and recalls Javy Lopez
22-Jan Prior to Game 5, NY calls up Tom Glavine and option Emil Brown
21-Jan Phillies awarded Todd Walker;Baltimore awarded Javy Lopez;Boston awarded Jon Lieber
19-Jan Phillies claim Javy Lopez, Jon Lieber and Todd Walker
19-Jan Orioles claimed Javy Lopez
19-Jan Yankees claimed Javy Lopez and Jon Lieber
16-Jan Cubs trade 86 points to Florida for Todd Helton and Brad Lidge
16-Jan Phillies trade Todd Coffey, Alexis Rios, Luis Matos, Gavin Floyd and Jhonny Gomes to SF for Ugueth Urbina, Scott Podsednik, Juan Pierre and Ryan Church
15-Jan BOX GUYS:Chicago(4);Jeff Cirillo, Ramon Castro and Carlos Pena
15-Jan Philly places Mark Loretta on the 30 day DL prior to Game 6
15-Jan BOX GUY:Philly(4):Chris Gomez
15-Jan SF trades Chace Utley to Chicago for Lance Niekro, Orland Hudson, Mike Gonzalez, Russ Branyon and 18 points
14-Jan BOX GUY:Philly(3):Frank Thomas
12-Jan BOX GUY:Atlanta(14):Jamie Walker
11-Jan Cubs trade Rafael Furcal, again, to the Mariners for BJ Upton; Cubs recall Bobby Crosby to replace Furcal
10-Jan Atlanta trades Freddy Garcia to Florida for Larry Walker
10-Jan BOX GUY: SD(1) Rob Mackowiak
10-Jan BOX GUY:Chicago(1):Russ Springer
10-Jan LA trades it's #1 and #2 picks and 20 points to Chicago for Scott Shields;LA options Juleo Mateo
10-Jan Cubs trade Miguel Tejada and 10 points to Atlanta for Rafael Furcal
10-Jan LA calls Billy Hall, Julio Mateo, Jhonny Peralta and Aaron Heilman from the Farm to the 25 man
10-Jan Baltimore calls Jeff Francoeur from the Farm to the 25 man
10-Jan SD calls Endy Chavez and Chris Snyder from the Farm to the 25 man
9-Jan Philly trades Jason Marquis to Florida for Joey gathright
9-Jan Chicago trades Luis Gonzalez and Mike Sweeney to Atlanta for 20 points
8-Jan Boston trades Magglio Ordonez to Atlanta for 2007 picks 2-6
8-Jan Chicago trades Mike Cameron to Atlanta for 3 points and Atlanta's #1 pick(2007)
8-Jan BOX GUYS:NY(2):Willie Aybar, Dan Ardoin
8-Jan BOX GUYS:LA(1):Junior Spivey
8-Jan BOX GUYS:Philly(2):Miguel Batista, Randy Flores
8-Jan BOX GUYS:Florida(1):Mike Lieberthal
8-Jan BOX GUYS:Baltimore(2):Arthur Rhodes, Alberto Castillo
8-Jan BOX GUYS: Seattle(8):Pablo Ozuna,Rafael Palmeiro, Jamie Moyer, Raul Ibanez, reed Johnson, Jorge Sosa, Mike MacDougal, Joe Randa
8-Jan BOX GUYS:Atlanta(13):Brian Jordan, Steve Finley, Einar Diaz, Henry Blanco, Jeremy Burnitz, Rondell White, Ray Durham, Rich Aurilia
8-Jan Chris Young, Mike Myers, Casey Fossum, Scott Elarton, Giovanni Carrara
8-Jan Chicago trades 4 points to Philly for Atlanta's 1-6 picks
8-Jan Baltimore trades their 4,5,6 picks to Florida for 1 point
8-Jan Chicago trades 2 points to Philly for Seattle's 3,4,5 picks
8-Jan Seattle trades the 3,4,5 picks to Philly for 3 points
8-Jan Seattle trades their first two picks to Baltimore for 2 points
8-Jan Baltimore trades Scott Podsednik and 5 points to SF for Jose Molina
8-Jan In the rule V draft Philly claims Gavin Floyd from SF and Adrian Gonzalez from Boston
8-Jan NY releases Mike Hampton
8-Jan Philly releases Tom Glavine;NY claims him
8-Jan SF releases Jeff DaVanon
8-Jan Chicago trades 10 points to SF for SF's entire minor league draft
2-Jan Baltimore trades Rafael Betancourt to NY for Philly's #10 pick
29-Dec Cubs deal Rafael Furcal and 17 points to Atlanta for Miguel Tejada
18-Dec Yankees trade their #8 pick to Chicago for Bruce Chen
14-Dec Cubs deal Carlos Beltran to Boston for Erik Bedard and Rickie Weeks
12-Dec Philly trades 30 points and Matt LeCroy to Chicago for Delmon Young
9-Dec Cubs trade Ervin Santana and Scott Kazmir to NY for 60 points
8-Dec Chicago trades Chad Cordero to LA for 50 points
5-Dec LA trades Andruw Jones, Jay Bay, and 17 points to Chicago for Grady Sizemore and Lance Berkman
2-Dec Philly trades 3 points to Atlanta for Randy Johnson and the Braves 11th and 12th picks
1-Dec Philly trades 3 points to Atlanta for it's own 6th, Ny 6th and Arizona 5th and 6th
1-Dec Baltimore trades 2 points to Atlanta for Phillys 2nd and 3rd minorleague picks
30-Nov LA trades 10 points to Chicago for Dave Bush
30-Nov Atlanta trades picks 8,9 and 10 to Florida for Adam Kennedy
30-Nov Philly trades 1 point to Atlanta for Kelly Shoppach and Jayson Nix
30-Nov Ny trades Randy Johnson to Atlanta for Luis Gonzalez and 7th minor league pick
30-Nov Mariners trade their 3rd dispersal pick to Chicago for Nate Robertson
30-Nov NY trades Chipper Jones to Baltimore for Matt Cain, Justin Upton, Jeff Mathis, Dan Meyer and Fransisco Rosario
30-Nov NY trades Brian Schneider to Seattle for Chipper Jones
30-Nov Cubs deal their #2 dispersal pick to SF for Ryan Freel and 2 points
30-Nov LA trades 5 points and it's #2 dispersal pick to Chicago for Atlanta's #2 dispersal pick
30-Nov Chicago trades Tim Hudson and Cliff Floyd to Atlanta for Adam Dunn and Atlanta's #2 dispersal pick
27-Nov Atlanta trades K-Rod to Baltimore for Freddy Garcia and 17 points
23-Nov Baltimore trades Jose Capellan and Eric Duncan to Boston for Doug Davis
16-Nov SF trades Andruw Jones to LA for Juan Pierre, Aaron Rowand, Juan Uribe, Tony Graffanino, Luis Rivas and 40 points
15-Nov Chicago trades Ray Durham and 3 points to Atlanta for Bruce Chen and Joel Guzman.
13-Nov The Phillies and Braves made a 30 player trade that I have no intention of typing onto this list. Look it up at the web-list if you want details.
11-Nov New York trades Roger Clemens, Mark Texeira and Juan Rincon to San Diego for 100 points Kevin Mench, Marlon Byrd, Bobby Jenks, Stephen Drew
Jon Papelbon and Philly's 4th, 5th and 8-11 picks
8-Nov Atlanta trades Baltimore it's own #3 pick back in return for Jake Westbrook
8-Nov Baltimore trades 15 points to Philly for Freddy Garcia and Jake Westbrook
7-Nov Atlanta deals it's first six picks to Philly for Gary Sheffield.
6-Nov Baltimore trades Tad Iguchi, Jeremy Reed and Brandon McCarthy to Seattle for Alex Rodriguez
4-Nov Philly trades Paul Konerko and Jeff Kent to Arizona for 40 points
3-Nov Chicago trades Hank Blalock to LA for 30 points
1-Nov San Diego trades Luis Matos, Dmitri Young, Luis Gonzalez, Preston Wilsonand Matt Lecroy to Philly for it's 4th, 5th and 8-11th picks
1-Nov LA trades it's #5 pick to SD for Frank Catalanotto. Catalanotto changes name to Smith for pronounciation purposes.
27-Oct SF trades Manny Ramirez to Atlanta for Morgan Ensberg and Gustavo Chacin.
22-Oct Cubs deal Mariano Rivera, Kris Bensen, Edgar Renteria and Carlos Delgado to Atlanta for Dontrelle Willis, Jesse Crain, Scot Shields, Rafael Furcal 
and Erick Aybar
22-Oct Baltimore trades Jason Varitek and 30 points to Atlanta for Chad Tracy.