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Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 11:59 AM
Subject: [wlb-list] OFFICIAL: Batter InjuryFree and SuperIron List

5.3 Batter Injury Chart

Roll for injury as written on card. We'll be using Dynasty League Baseball's injury system beginning in 2003, with the following modifications:

InjuryFree            162 games played during previous season
Can only be injured for the remainder of the game.

SuperIron             155+ Games *and* 599+ At Bats, Walks, and Hit By Pitch
Roll for injury using player rating and chart. Players may not be injured more than two days. (Current game counts as one game; therefore, players only miss one game subsequent to the game the injury occurs in.)

Note: Injuries on Dynasty charts are for days, not games.

Note: Any GM who intentionally violates the limitation or injury policy will forfeit all games and monies for the year. The Commission may also apply stiffer penalties. Violating the limitation and injury policy includes improperly noting limitations or injuries on cards. (If you are not 100% certain about how to place limitations on cards talk to the Commissioner before the season.)

Team Roster nameLast nameFirst Pos InjNumber G
BAL Major Sexson Richie 1B 713 162
BOS Major Tejada Miguel SS 695 162
FLA Major Cabrera Orlando SS 679 162
LA Major Pierre Juan CF 728 162
PHI Farm Matsui Hideki LF 689 163
SD Farm Huff Aubrey RF 697 162
Team Roster nameLast nameFirst Pos InjNumber G
ARI Major Delgado Carlos 1B 698 161
ARI Major Garciaparra Nomar SS 708 156
ARI Major Ordonez Magglio RF 670 160
ARI Major Pujols Albert LF 680 157
BAL Major Jones Andruw CF 653 156
BOS Major Thome Jim 1B 693 159
CHC Major Boone Bret 2B 697 159
CHC Major Chavez Eric 3B 651 156
CHC Major Lee Derrek 1B 637 155
CHC Major Rodriguez Alex SS 709 161
FA Farm Batista Tony 3B 664 161
FLA Major Helton Todd 1B 696 160
FLA Major Winn Randy LF 649 157
KC Major Baldelli Rocco CF 675 156
KC Major Boone Aaron 3B 646 160
KC Major Cruz Jr. Jose RF 641 158
KC Major Green Shawn RF 685 160
KC Major Rollins Jimmy SS 682 156
KC Major Wigginton Ty 3B 628 156
LA Major Ibanez Raul LF 660 157
LA Major Payton Jay LF 650 157
NYY Major Gibbons Jay RF 677 160
NYY Major Renteria Edgar SS 653 157
NYY Major Young Dmitri LF 631 155
PHI Major Beltre Adrian 3B 601 158
PHI Major Encarnacion Juan RF 642 156
PIT Major Anderson Garret LF 669 159
PIT Major Bagwell Jeff 1B 699 160
PIT Major Furcal Rafael SS 727 156
PIT MAJOR Sheffield Gary RF 670 155
SD Major Abreu Bobby RF 688 158
SD Farm Berroa Angel SS 614 158
SD Major Gonzalez Luis LF 676 156
SD Major Ramirez Aramis 3B 659 159
SD Major Wilson Preston CF 658 155
SD Major Young Mike 2B 703 160
SEA Major Soriano Alfonso 2B 732 156
SEA Major Wells Vernon CF 727 161
SF Major Giambi Jason 1B 685 156
SF Major Lee Carlos LF 664 158
SF Major Suzuki Ichiro RF 721 159

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